Starving Artist Paint Night

July 27, 2018. Starving Artist Gallery Cafe. Paint Night with watercolour instructor Paula Bertollo. 42 Dalhousie St. Brantford. 7:00 pm. All ages. $30 (includes all your supplies, and you leave with an original painting, matted). If you want to come for the music, or to view/purchase Paula’s original art pieces, then PWYC! The more the merrier. To reserve your spot today (spaces are limited), please send E-Transfers to See ya there!! #ArtandMusic #Brantford 

Backlot Sessions

July 11, 2018. Backlot Sessions. Monigram Coffee Roasters. 6-8 pm. PWYC/$10 suggested. All ages. 16 Ainslie St. S., Cambridge. Playing with Yeshua Cornejo. FB event: please click here. RSVP k? Like, why wouldn’t you? It’s a cool spot, with even cooler peeps. #Cambridgebaby #coffeeandtunes


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We are so excited to be playing GPP for the first time June 10th! It’s all ages, and free in beautiful #Waterloo. We’re playing from 3:00-3:45 @ 27 Avondale. #GPP2018

Friday from the Basement.

May 25, 2018. Friday from The Basement. 8 pm. PWYC. Deanna from Ophelia Syndrome will be broadcasting live from her basement via Stageit. She’ll be playing new tunes, old favourites, and some covers too. She’ll be answering your questions, and telling some of the stories behind the songs. This will be an intimate, acoustic show, so get some snacks, and some drinks, and tune in. Click here to get your tickets.

Pipedown Presents!

We’re really looking forward to next Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 for PipeDown! Presents: Ophelia Syndrome/Cygnus/United Power Soul. It’s at Silence. 46 Essex Street, Guelph. Doors at 7:30. Show at 8 pm. All ages. $10/PWYC. For the Facebook event page, click here. We hope to see you there!

Death Valley’s Little Brother

We’re really looking forward to our show Jan. 27th at  Death Valley’s Little Brother. 84 King Street North. Waterloo. We’re playing at 6:30. It’s all ages, and PWYC. Come and enjoy some great , , and at one of the coolest places in . Hope to see ya there!

Starving Artist

This Saturday Dec. 16th we’ll be at Starving Artist Gallery Cafe. With Janine and Paul of The DoneFors. 42 Dalhousie St. Brantford. 7:00-10:00 pm. PWYC. All ages. With Original artwork by Paula Bertollo available for purchase. Opening the night is James McLaughlin at 7 pm.

Click here for The Facebook Event Page.

Northern Morning Music: Peter Banning Coffeepot Sessions

1. And You / 2. No Surprises
“And You” (D. Wells, Cello arranged by T. Nadeau)
“No Surprises” (T. Yorke & J. Greenwood)
Deanna Wells: Vocals, Piano on “And You” & Korg on “No Surprises”
Trina Nadeau: Cello
Todd Donald: Guitars on “No Surprises”
Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Todd Donald.
Recorded at Deanna’s home in Ancaster, ON; September 10th, 2017,
also at Northern Morning Music studio in Waterloo, ON; September 12th, 2017.
Cover art & photo: Todd Donald
Original song “And You” by Ophelia Syndrome – unreleased
I hope they don’t mind, but i’m sharing these songs in the opposite of what I believe is the intended order. I’m a longtime pal, but also let’s not forget, a huge fan of Deanna, Trina and co., as musicians, artists and people. So, as a fan, I want for you (assuming this is your introduction to Ophelia Syndrome) to first hear their wonderful & unique songwriting prowess.
In Deanna’s words “And you… This is an old song. I picked this one this time for Trina. She always wanted it recorded, and it never ended up on anything. Classic AABA song structure and arpeggiation. It’s in D… ;)” …as short and sweet a description, as the song itself!
Original version of “No Surprises” by Radiohead
Appears on ‘OK Computer’ – 1997 Parlophone/Capitol
“Alright, so No Surprises. We’ve played this song live several times, several ways, at several gigs. I can’t for the life of me remember why we started playing it? I think at a rehearsal once, I played the key part, and we started going with it. I know you said 3 sentences… sorry Todd!

We are very big Radiohead fans, and have covered several of their songs, but, suffice it to say, this one is always one of our favourites. Also, truth be told, when I said “Todd asked for a cover”, Trina texted back “No Surprises.” And that was that.” – Deanna

Ophelia Syndrome:
Ophelia Syndrome are a bunch of weirdoes who make noise together. They try to blend various keyed instruments, cello, bass, drums, guitar, vocals, and whatever else they can find to hit, pluck, strum or occasionally blow. The result is their own unique blend of “indie” music, a term they are fairly certain has become ambiguous enough to encompass their indistinguishable classical, jazz, folk, roots, funk, soul, r&b, classic and contemporary rock influences. Yeah thats right, they like music, listen to it, and unintentionally steal whatever they can get away with, since by now everything’s been done by someone else anyway… you’ll just have to decide for yourself what they actually sound like because you won’t read it here.
That was me letting the bio tell you about them. Over the last ten years, my experiences performing with, or interviewing OS, has always been full of laughter and the joy of discussion (typically regarding music). There is of course the frame of reference of having attended Mohawk College for music during the same time as members past and present. : )
I also have an enormous amount of respect for Deanna and Trina as trained musicians, and this is where I admit that while I enjoy putting my name under the title of “Producer”, I straight-up ain’t one. I have just enough of a knack to capture magic as demonstrated here, and please congratulate me, because I get to be responsible for presenting for the first time online, their original song “And You”!

On September 10th, I returned to Jerseyville Road, where 1 year ago I interviewed OS for my old videocast. There, we set up and went straight into recording two live-off-the-floor performances by Trina (on Cello) and Deanna singing, and playing keys (Korg for one, Piano for the other). They did 2-3 takes of each and we called it a session.

Trina demands the best of herself as a performer, and I felt a bit bad after, having laughingly demanded that she not be so hard on herself. There are few like her who are as dedicated to their craft, that they refuse to let themselves stop pushing the best out. They’re aware of when they’re at their best, and ultra-aware of when they feel they’re not. As you can hear, she did what I would consider an incomparably beautiful job,, but I deeply respect her attitude as well.

I enjoyed working with Deanna also, who was not only in-tune with the raw, untamed, rock-purist approach i’m taking with the PBCP Sessions, but was kind enough to let me borrow her vocal mic for this session, which I think you’ll find, captured all the wonderful nuances of Dee’s vocal performance.

Two sweethearts, two songs, and I was encouraged to add something, so I added a little guitaring to the middle/end of the Radiohead tune. Substituting my background vocals with a guitar performance of the same notes. This was done the Tuesday after.

Good times!

OutFest 2017

I’m really excited to be a part of OutFest 2017. “Join us for a week long celebration of LGBTQ+ stories brought to life through theatre, dance, and music! With multiple shows, and multiple venues this will be the largest celebration of LGBTQ+ stories in the region. Mid-week we will also hold a fundraiser for local community organizations, host a TalkBack with local youth, and be treated to some amazing live music. Drake Jensen, and Patrick Masse will be joining us from Ottawa, and Vancouver to share their music with us. Grab your tickets and festival passes now!”

Sept. 16, 2017. OutFest. Open Sesame. 220 King Street, Kitchener. 7:30. Click here for tickets.

For the night.

For the night. Recorded live in Jerseyville. Featuring The Basement Choir.

“Making an album start to finish is a long process. It just is. Some days I think it’s exciting, other days, like today, I do not…” To read more, please click here.

Cambridge Arts Festival

This Saturday July 22, 2017 is the Cambridge Arts Festival located at Cambridge City Hall 50 Dickson St. The event runs all day from 10 am-6 pm, and it’s all ages and free. Our set is at 11:20 on the main stage for those of you looking for us!

To read more about it, please click here to read the article in the Cambridge Times for more event information.

CAF Preview Night!


July 7, 2017. Cambridge Arts Festival Preview Night. 6-11 pm. CAF Pop-Up Shop at 63 Dickson Street, Cambridge. (Beside Phidon Pens). Get a sneak peak of exhibiting artists’ work, CAF Collective‘s 6ft wooden book and start the bidding on Silent Auction items! Cash bar and free appetizers.  Live musicians from our festival line-up and Dj to end the night! Donations to support Cambridge Arts Festival gratefully accepted at the door.

2017 Cambridge Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts

Friday June 16th we will be performing at the 2017 Cambridge Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. We will be on Market Stage at 8:10-8:50, but the event starts at 6:00 and goes until 11. It’s an all ages event, and it’s free. We’re looking forward to it. See ya soon Cambridge!

Whisky and Waterloo

Friday May 26th we’ll be at one of our favourite spots in Waterloo, Death Valley’s Little Brother. We’ll be there from 8-9 pm. It’s all ages and free! Come and try some of their exquisite whisky, espresso, and artisanal baked goods. It’s located at 84 King Street North. We hope to see you there!


Starving Artist

This March 24, we’ll be at Starving Artist Cafe. 42 Dalhousie St. in Brantford from 7:30-9:30 pm. It’s free and all ages. We hope to see you there! Until then…


Weirdos Making Noise Together: Interview with Ophelia Syndrome

screen-shot-2016-08-19-at-14-17-45-400x250We are this weeks interview on Culture Fancier, an inspiring blog showcasing the arts in the KW Region. We were interviewed by the lovely Glodeane Brown:

“Weirdos Making Noise Together: Interview with Ophelia Syndrome

1. How long has the band been together and what was the thought process for coming up with the name?
Well, most of our bandmates went to school together. We are all graduates from the Mohawk College Music Program, and so I met Trina, and asked her to play with me in 2002. We are really functioning (for lack of a better word), as a collective. We have had the opportunity to have worked with some seriously incredible people since our inception, and are continuing to do so, presently with The Basement Choir, which joined in 2014…”

To read the full interview, please click here.

The Luso Sessions

We were very lucky to be part of the The Luso Sessions live at E-Bolt Music shot by the very talented Christina!

Thank-you for watching!


Summer Lovin’


We have a bunch of shows coming up, that we hope to see you at all over Southern Ontario. On Saturday June 18th we are so excited to be back at The Cambridge Arts Festival. Our set is from 3:15-3:45 on the Main Stage located at City Hall. It’s a beautiful event bringing together artists of all genres and mediums, all the details are listed below.

June 17 2016. Death Valley’s Little Brother. 84 King Street North, Waterloo. 8 pm. All ages. Free!

June 18 2016. Cambridge Arts Festival. Main Stage @ Cambridge City Hall. 50 Dickson Street. 3:15-3:45. All ages and Free!

June 18 2016. Station 1 Coffee House. 28 Main St. E, Grimsby, ON. 7 pm. All ages. Free!

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The iTodd Lounge

“So much to say about this one. As I said to Deanna, I enjoyed the run-on discussion so much, that if we both didn’t have places to go at 7:30pm, it could’ve gone till the next day. I was only meant to be at Deanna’s with Ophelia Syndrome between 4-5pm, get the interview and go, but there was so much laughter, catching up and conversation about all things musical, I’m surprised we ended up GETTING the show recorded. Deanna Wells and Trina Nadeau are wonderful, sweet and (incidentally) badass old friends, that along with a rythym section and whoever they may harvest, make the indie band Ophelia Syndrome. Since they were last on the iTodd Lounge in 2008, they’ve released a few full-length albums, toured Europe, and have allot to tell. Here (in this video interview) is what we covered!” -Todd

Please check out the iTodd Lounge online here!

To view our full episode (Season 5 Ep. 56), please click here.

Light Series 2016

April 20 2016. Light Series 2016: Integrity and Resiliency – presented by Feminine Harbor and The Boathouse. At The Boathouse Victoria Park. 57 Jubilee dr., Kitchener. 8 pm. All Ages. $15 for one, $20 for two tickets. Trina and I are performing for the evening. For the Facebook invite, please click here.

Small Version 2

Inside The Songs

March 31 2016. Inside The Songs: Singer-Songwriters in the Round. Artword Artbar. 15 Colbourne St. Hamilton. Jeffrey Straker, Marie Avery, and Deanna. 8 pm. $8 advanced tickets, $10 at the Door. To purchase advanced tickets, click here.



Backlot Sessions


March 16 2016. Backlot Music Sessions. Monigram Coffee Roasters. 16 Ainslie St. S., Cambridge. The Upstairs Room. $10. 8 pm. All ages. Trina, Deanna, The Basement Choir, and some friends. Click here, for the Facebook event.

March 19 2016. Station 1 Coffeehouse. 28 Main St. E, Grimsby. 7-10 pm. All ages. Free! Tree and Dee and The Basement Choir.

March 31 2016. Inside The Songs: Singer-Songwriters in the Round. Artword Artbar. 15 Colbourne St. Hamilton. Jeffrey Straker, Marie Avery, and Deanna. 8 pm. $8 advanced tickets, $10 at the Door.

Music Lessons Available

Private music lessons available in the Hamilton Area. If you’re interested in learning vocal, piano, and/or theory lessons, then please don’t hesitate to ask!

For more information please call: 289-239-9138, or e-mail Deanna at

My Bones

We are so happy to share this incredible new video by Justin Sawicki. My Bones was recorded by Dan Rodgirues, and features Andrew on drums, and also the incredibly talented Eric Thachuk, and Dan.

Watch and enjoy!

Sometimes you find friends in the unlikeliest of places.

What a lovely start to the day. He didn’t stay long, but still grateful he let me say hello!

Bird Friend

Guitar Services:

Hey everyone, for anyone interested, Andrew’s little 100 sq/ft repair shop is up and running. Here’s what he’s been up to lately. For more detes, follow him on twitter @andru_jonathon or email him with any inquiries @ In my humble opinion, he is the best!! Happy Sunday everyone. xo

6 4 3 2 5

Do you hate Valentine’s Day too?

Then spend it with us! This Saturday Feb. 14th we’ll be playing at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto. We’re pretty excited, it’s our first gig in Toronto in a while. As you can tell by our rehearsal pics from last Friday, we’re ready! Well, mostly 😉

Josh Rehearsal Dee Primus Tree




Here are all the details: Rancho Relaxo. 9 pm. With Rotary Dial and Poppy Seed and The Love Explosion. Doors at 9. We are on first at 10:00. $8. Click here for the Facebook Event Page. Tell your friends! Bring your lovers?! That’s weird… sorry.

The North Sea:

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.”

Aristotle Onassis

North Sea Pic Ed

Thank-you to our Dutch friend Ed for sending us this beautiful picture of the North Sea.

Happy Friday everyone! xo

Shameless self promotion:

We would like to take a second to thank everyone who has taken the time to listen, review, and post about our little album. I know it sounds cheesy, but it really does mean so much to us. We don’t take anything for granted around here! Here are a couple really nice posts:

  • EarBuddy: “Featured years ago in our Fresh Wax feature, indie chamber rock band Ophelia Syndrome have released a new album, North Sea, the follow-up to 2012’s All Things Forgotten. The band has shared the new single, “Stay”, from the album, a charming folk single that’s reminiscent of First Aid Kit and The Lumineers. However, the song is merely the tip of the iceberg when examining the versatility of the band’s latest album where Ophelia Syndrome are never pigeonholed to one particular music genre. Get started with “Stay” and then follow it up with the rest of North Sea.
  • From Floorshime Zipper Boots: Ophelia Syndrome: North Sea “FZB favorites Ophelia Syndrome are back with a stunning new album, North Sea. The band bring a unique and original vision to indie music, with their own brand of rollicking rock, featuring strong vocals, lots of melodic inventiveness and sterling musicianship. Fine songwriting and flawless production cap the 10 tracks to make an absolute must have album.”
  • Son of Marketing: Ophelia Syndrome è un’interessante collettivo statunitense (di Hamilton, Ontario) che ha debuttato nel 2012 con All Things Forgotten e utilizza vari linguaggi musicali. North Sea è il nuovo album che mette in evidenza le intenzioni melodiche dell’opera, grazie anche alla bravura e grazia vocale della cantante, con varie trame che si incrociano dal pop al folk a linee ruvide sino ad incursioni soul.
  • Sub-Rock music made “North Sea” their first recommended album of 2015!

It’s here!

“North Sea” is here! This is our single “Stay”:

Wanna listen to the rest?? Just go to our music page: here.

Until next time. Xo.

Thursday with Deanna: The Christmas Edition.

Some of you may have already guessed I missed my calling as an Arteest. I know, I know, so talented… yeah, even I don’t believe that!

Thanks to those of you who have already got your tickets and sent me requests… see ya soon!

Thursday with Deanna

Thursday’s with Deanna:

If you’re bored Nov. 20th, spend your Thursday afternoon with me (and whoever decides to show up in my basement). It’s a mystery even to me…

To read more, click here.



We hope that you are all well and are enjoying your weekend! So I guess the cat’s out of the bag, and you all know that the new album is titled “North Sea” (although a few of you already knew that didn’t you?). It’s a much better title than Trina’s idea “Fart from God”, and my dumb idea “Gratuitous Jugging” (because I play a mean air jug).

We are very excited to share the album with you all, and all of you who pre-ordered your copy will get it as soon as we can send it to you! The official (cough, cough. Not trying to sound pretentious…) release date here in Canada is January 2015, but all of you cool cats who pre-ordered, who mostly live in Europe will get it now.

BUT we need a few things from you first before we can send it out. This time around Sellaband is not providing us with the e-mail or address lists (we have tried guys, sorry). So I have messaged as many of you as possible on Sellaband, and those of you who I have e-mails for, you are getting this lovely message sent to you telling you what’s going on. I have also posted on Sellaband, Facebook, and Twitter:

*Please help us out and send us your mailing address, your username (so we can cross you off the list), and your incentive choices if it is applicable to you.*

If you have already e-mailed us this information (or pre-ordered with Paypal, which already provided us with address lists), don’t fret! We’ve got it! We just want everyone to know why there is a delay. Some of you did e-mail us, but I needed more information from you, and so please check your inbox for a message from me (Deanna).

We will be e-mailing the link to your album download, and so it is very important that we get in touch with each and every one of you! It might take a bit of time because we would like to send everyone their copy at once if possible.

The best way to get a hold of us is through e-mail: opheliasyndrome@gmail.comFacebook, and Twitter. While you’re at it, feel free to like and follow us, and if you really get excited, tell your friends! The more the merrier we always say!

Thank-you all so much for the support! We know that this is a little inconvenient, but those of you who know us know that we never give up, and we LOVE a challenge. We will get this album to you 😉

Much love to you all from the crazy OS gang.

P.s. have you checked out the rest of the new website yet?? You haven’t?! Get on that!


“Today’s post is written by Deanna Wells, of the Canadian band Ophelia Syndrome.  She writes about her experience with Stage-it from the perspective of a not-so-internet-savvy computer user. We think this could be a great post for anyone who is sill considering giving Stage-it a try…especially for a last minute Christmas concert. Yea?”

To read the full article, click here.

CBC Bandwidth:

New Country Rehab, Great Lake Swimmers, & Ophelia Syndrome

New Country Rehab are on tour throughout Ontario to peddle their old-school meets new-folk-rock sound. We sat around the table at their label’s world headquarters in Ottawa to talk about Ghost of Your Charms and the art of writing a good song.

Great Lake Swimmers’ last album New Wild Everywhere is nominated for a 2013 Juno Award. Hear them play tunes from it live from Glenn Gould Studio, on Bandwidth.

Hamilton jazz-folk quintet Ophelia Syndrome blurt what they really think (contrary to their band name) in a 90 Second Egg speed-interview.”

Thank-you so much to the lovely Amanda Putz of CBC Bandwidth for having us on, and what an incredible show to be a part of! We’re feeling very lucky and grateful today. xo




My favourite


Arms up


Andrew is the leader