From the basement.

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From the Basement.

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And I survived…

Via There’s A Production: “Hi friends, I am VERY excited to say that the film ‘…and I survived’ will be available NEXT week. Here is a teaser for anyone interested. I am beyond grateful to all that contributed to this project. To the people who shared their stories so bravely to hopefully help others know that they are not alone, that it can happen to anyone and that they should always be believed. #metoo” We were very honoured to be able to contribute to this project. ❤️



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The City of Cambridge is proud to have presented their first ever YouTube/Facebook Live 2020 Cambridge Celebration of the Arts event held on Friday, June 19 at 6:00 PM. This is “Stay” #FromTheBasement. #CCA2020 #FacebookLive #YouTube 🎥 💻

Thank-you to Leanne, The City of Cambridge, Afternoon Tea, The Fractal Fox, Cote Coyote, The Todd Donald Show, and everyone who worked on the event.

Afternoon Tea – Artist Collective + Record Label

Born of the Shun Club. Shunned since 2012.

The Todd Donald Show – Now on YouTube

“A weekly podcast, where artists & performers go to chat about nothing. Hosted by Canadian singer/songwriter, Todd Donald. (Waterloo-Wellington, ON). Now on YouTube!!!”

“…Ophelia Syndrome is an amazing and diverse rock/pop group from the Hamilton (Ontario) Region. They’ve released some outstanding albums and have toured internationally…”


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Ontario Live Presents: Music Together. Support Ontario artists without leaving home.

April 19, 2020. 5 pm. Ontario Live Presents: Music Together. Support Ontario artists without leaving home. Brought to you by Shopify, Arts & Crafts, and Ontario Live via Ontario Creates. Click here to watch the show via Facebook live. #musictogetherON #StayHome Donations accepted via our brand spanking new Patreon page. Also, please visit our Shopify store to purchase our tunes after the show (Password: kraigh). #FromTheBasement.

#StayHome❤️ #Stageit💻



Afternoon Tea



From the basement.

“From the basement.” is the latest release from Ophelia Syndrome, which is a collection of previously unreleased tracks, B-sides, and videos, which have been digitally re-mastered. Along for the ride are several rarities and oddities accompanying the EP in digital form on Bandcamp available May 12 at 11:59 pm E.T. Listen first at

Love the Ophelians near and far, and far and near…