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  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood
  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood
  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood
  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood
  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood
  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood
  • Live @ This Ain't Hollywood


It’s only $5?!

April 3

This Thursday April 3rd we are very excited to be playing with The DoneFors. We are all really big fans of this band, and we encourage you to check them out if you get a chance! The incredibly talented Marie Avery is also playing, and she always brings it live! Also, we will be joined on stage by The Basement choir. They had their debut a couple of weeks ago, and they were lovely!

3 April 2014. Hamilton, Ontario. This ain’t Hollywood. With Marie Avery and The DoneFors. Doors open at 8 pm, show starts at 9 pm. $5. Facebook event page.

Also, we sent out our April newsletter with an album sneak peek… if you want to hear it, click here!




Hello there. I hope that everyone is well, and that you are getting back into the swing of things after the holiday’s. We wanted to give you all a little album update. We are currently in pre-production for the next couple weeks, and things are really going great! We are very happy to be adding to our team with this album, and are excited to announce that we are wokring with producer, engineer, and musician extraordinaire Kori Pop. As many of you know, Kori is my best friend, and so to say we’re having  fun is an understatement. Also, we will be working with the incredibly talented Dan Rodrigues, Michael Chambers, and Alycia Wells for later aspects of the album. We are so excited to be able to show you all what we have been working on.

As promised, we have a couple fun pics and a seriously questionable video inserted below.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Kori Pop.

Kori and Deanna

During our session last night, I was not so sure about this cat picture.


Also, because we wanted to show you just how serious, and focused we are, we have a short video of the new invention that I, Dee created. It’s called the Bun Shaker (patent pending). I just inserted the shaker into my hair bun so that my hands were free to play the keys. I don’t mean to brag, but I think I am onto something huge.

Just kidding. I am aware how ridiculous this is…


“Today’s post is written by Deanna Wells, of the Canadian band Ophelia Syndrome.  She writes about her experience with Stage-it from the perspective of a not-so-internet-savvy computer user. We think this could be a great post for anyone who is sill considering giving Stage-it a try…especially for a last minute Christmas concert. Yea?”

To read the full article, click here.

A little thank-you from us:

First of all, thank-you to: Ronald Wolfers, Florisz, Henriette59, Frans Brouwer, Gerbrand, Eduardlax, John Werkman, Merlijn3, Ente, Stroopwafel, Liquidditty, Jelmer Van Ast, Brian, Gert, Grim, Haiko, Helen Papachristos, Namor, Jackuss, bolz, Albert, Kim, Amaryl, Eremit, Annas Blume, Zulsulde, Walter Horstman, Atsuo, Dirk de Jong, Ria, Bunnie, Jobo, Talentscout, Carmenpunkt, IJI, Stefan Steiner, Harro, Skons, Kevin, Angie, David Baker, Holeanta, Didl, JMG, Ajay, Wolfman, hauhaien, Snarf, Mumsey, tesadelou, Fabian, Frederik & Gerda, Nette000, Ramona, MDWH, Sommersby, Martin Nicholas, Ben, Johan, Onno, Musicfan, MR-10, CiGband, Maarten, Ed, Willeke, Breno, Judith, J/f, Christer, Hyperboy, CyLu, Laura, George, and Kori Pop.

We owe a huge thank-you to everyone who helped us reach our target on Sellaband. You have all helped us realize goals that we never thought possible, and words cannot express our deepest feelings of gratitude towards you all! We feel lucky everyday to have crossed paths with each and every one of you. We are so excited to get to work on the new album and to make you all proud.

Josh said it best, we thought the best way for us to thank-you would be with a song. Funny story, we couldn’t fit everyone in the shot, and so we got creative…

We are in pre-production now, and we be sharing photos and video along the way with you all. We know that we couldn’t have done any of this without you.


Josh, Trina, Andrew, and Deanna.

50K Music Mag:

I (Deanna) was thrilled to have been asked by Mario of 50K to write a DIY Article about our very first online gig. Thank-you for the lovely introduction written by Mario Putzer:

“In the middle of September Ophelia Syndrome thrilled their fans with an online gig via Stageit. Deanna, singer of the band, shares the experience of this gig with all musicians who’ve already thought about performing online straight to their fans.”

To read the full article, please click here.


Special Online Show Sept. 15th:

We are so excited to be streaming our very first online show at one of our favourite venues in Hamilton at Artword Artbar. For those of you who can attend, tickets will be available at the door. For those in attendance, there will be two sets, one “acoustic” set to be streamed online, and then a “plugged” set following the online concert.

If you are unable to attend the show in person, you can click on http://www.stageit.com/opheliasyndrome and purchase a ticket for as little as 10 cents (it’s a pay what you can event).We wanted to perform a show for all of our Sellaband supporters to preview some of the new songs, as well as give a little behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind the songs.

15 Sept. 2013. Hamilton. Artword Artbar. 15 Colbourne St. 2 pm EST. 10$. All ages.
Special online show to be streamed in part on Stageit. Presented in part with 50K Music Mag.

*Please note that the online stream is at 2:30 pm EST which is 8:30 pm in Western Europe :)

For more details, and our September Newsletter, please click here.

Here we come Europe… again!

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. We are so grateful to get the opportunity to go back and see so many of you who have supported us face to face! It was such a pleasure last year, and we hope that you know how much we appreciated the experience, and are so excited to go back!

For a full list of dates and  details please visit: http://opheliasyndrome.com/shows/

Anyone who would like to be our guest for our special Barn Concert in Wilp Sunday August 18th at 4 pm, please e-mail us at: opheliasyndrome@yahoo.com, we would love to have you be there! It is being filmed, just an FYI ;)

Ed, we tried to speak Dutch… sorry… I remember the swear words Hanne taught me!!