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Oh February:


We hope that you are keeping well, and that you are all enjoying your February! We know that it is not always everyone’s favourite month, but we have a really cool event coming up, that we’re hoping you dig! We are really looking forward to playing in Waterloo, at Death Valley’s Little Brother Feb.12, which is right around the corner, mark your calendar’s, all the details are below:
Feb.12 2016. Death Valley’s Little Brother. 84 King St.N., Waterloo. 8 pm. All Ages. Free! Tree+Dee+The Basement Choir=OneGoodNight.

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Death Valley’s Little Brother

Feb. 12

Tree+Dee+The Basement Choir=OneGoodNight.

Death Valley’s Little Brother

84 King St N, Waterloo.

8 pm. All Ages. Free! 

Happy Holiday’s!

As a thank-you to everybody for being so awesome and supportive we would like to offer our album “North Sea” for free for the month. You can download it here. If you already have it, then feel free to share! Thank-you all so much for such a wonderful year, and we seriously hope that you enjoy your festivities this week, and we wish you a very Merry Christmas! xo

Justin Sawicki’s Release Show Dec. 11th

We have a couple shows in December that Trina and I are very excited about! I have been a busy bee, and have been writing a bunch of new songs, that we will be performing in the next couple weeks!

Dec. 10 2015. Except for Kenneth with The Baement Choir. 189 Ottawa Street North, Hamilton. A Tree and Dee show. 9 pm. PWYC.
Dec. 11 2015. Justin Sawicki’s CD Release show. Artword Artbar. 15 Colbourne St. Hamilton. PWYC. Tree and I will be opening. 8 pm. All ages. For the Facebook event, click here.
Dec. 18 2015. The Pack Christmas show. 7 pm P.T. Interview and live performance.

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Music Lessons Available

Private music lessons available in the Hamilton Area. If you’re interested in learning vocal, piano, and/or theory lessons, then please don’t hesitate to ask!

For more information please call: 289-239-9138, or e-mail me at

My Bones

We are so happy to share this incredible new video by Justin Sawicki. My Bones was recorded by Dan Rodgirues, and features Andrew on drums, and also the incredibly talented Eric Thachuk, and Dan.

Watch and enjoy!

Lyrics and vantage points

“It’s hard going outside of yourself. But sometimes, you just get so sick of yourself, and your point of view that you feel a need to.” To read more, click here.