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Life is all about the little things, and The Wood Brothers:

Life is all about the little pleasures, and The Wood Brothers. To read more about how the album is coming along, please click here.

Also, in case you missed it last week, there are a couple new videos up in the “musings” section of our website. Deanna by request and The Basement Choir.

Until next time. Xo.

It’s only $5?!

April 3

This Thursday April 3rd we are very excited to be playing with The DoneFors. We are all really big fans of this band, and we encourage you to check them out if you get a chance! The incredibly talented Marie Avery is also playing, and she always brings it live! Also, we will be joined on stage by The Basement choir. They had their debut a couple of weeks ago, and they were lovely!

3 April 2014. Hamilton, Ontario. This ain’t Hollywood. With Marie Avery and The DoneFors. Doors open at 8 pm, show starts at 9 pm. $5. Facebook event page.

Also, we sent out our April newsletter with an album sneak peek… if you want to hear it, click here!




“Today’s post is written by Deanna Wells, of the Canadian band Ophelia Syndrome.  She writes about her experience with Stage-it from the perspective of a not-so-internet-savvy computer user. We think this could be a great post for anyone who is sill considering giving Stage-it a try…especially for a last minute Christmas concert. Yea?”

To read the full article, click here.

A little thank-you from us:

First of all, thank-you to: Ronald Wolfers, Florisz, Henriette59, Frans Brouwer, Gerbrand, Eduardlax, John Werkman, Merlijn3, Ente, Stroopwafel, Liquidditty, Jelmer Van Ast, Brian, Gert, Grim, Haiko, Helen Papachristos, Namor, Jackuss, bolz, Albert, Kim, Amaryl, Eremit, Annas Blume, Zulsulde, Walter Horstman, Atsuo, Dirk de Jong, Ria, Bunnie, Jobo, Talentscout, Carmenpunkt, IJI, Stefan Steiner, Harro, Skons, Kevin, Angie, David Baker, Holeanta, Didl, JMG, Ajay, Wolfman, hauhaien, Snarf, Mumsey, tesadelou, Fabian, Frederik & Gerda, Nette000, Ramona, MDWH, Sommersby, Martin Nicholas, Ben, Johan, Onno, Musicfan, MR-10, CiGband, Maarten, Ed, Willeke, Breno, Judith, J/f, Christer, Hyperboy, CyLu, Laura, George, and Kori Pop.

We owe a huge thank-you to everyone who helped us reach our target on Sellaband. You have all helped us realize goals that we never thought possible, and words cannot express our deepest feelings of gratitude towards you all! We feel lucky everyday to have crossed paths with each and every one of you. We are so excited to get to work on the new album and to make you all proud.

Josh said it best, we thought the best way for us to thank-you would be with a song. Funny story, we couldn’t fit everyone in the shot, and so we got creative…

We are in pre-production now, and we be sharing photos and video along the way with you all. We know that we couldn’t have done any of this without you.


Josh, Trina, Andrew, and Deanna.

50K Music Mag:

I (Deanna) was thrilled to have been asked by Mario of 50K to write a DIY Article about our very first online gig. Thank-you for the lovely introduction written by Mario Putzer:

“In the middle of September Ophelia Syndrome thrilled their fans with an online gig via Stageit. Deanna, singer of the band, shares the experience of this gig with all musicians who’ve already thought about performing online straight to their fans.”

To read the full article, please click here.


Special Online Show Sept. 15th:

We are so excited to be streaming our very first online show at one of our favourite venues in Hamilton at Artword Artbar. For those of you who can attend, tickets will be available at the door. For those in attendance, there will be two sets, one “acoustic” set to be streamed online, and then a “plugged” set following the online concert.

If you are unable to attend the show in person, you can click on http://www.stageit.com/opheliasyndrome and purchase a ticket for as little as 10 cents (it’s a pay what you can event).We wanted to perform a show for all of our Sellaband supporters to preview some of the new songs, as well as give a little behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind the songs.

15 Sept. 2013. Hamilton. Artword Artbar. 15 Colbourne St. 2 pm EST. 10$. All ages.
Special online show to be streamed in part on Stageit. Presented in part with 50K Music Mag.

*Please note that the online stream is at 2:30 pm EST which is 8:30 pm in Western Europe :)

For more details, and our September Newsletter, please click here.

Here we come Europe… again!

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. We are so grateful to get the opportunity to go back and see so many of you who have supported us face to face! It was such a pleasure last year, and we hope that you know how much we appreciated the experience, and are so excited to go back!

For a full list of dates and  details please visit: http://opheliasyndrome.com/shows/

Anyone who would like to be our guest for our special Barn Concert in Wilp Sunday August 18th at 4 pm, please e-mail us at: opheliasyndrome@yahoo.com, we would love to have you be there! It is being filmed, just an FYI ;)

Ed, we tried to speak Dutch… sorry… I remember the swear words Hanne taught me!!

CBC Bandwidth:

New Country Rehab, Great Lake Swimmers, & Ophelia Syndrome


New Country Rehab are on tour throughout Ontario to peddle their old-school meets new-folk-rock sound. We sat around the table at their label’s world headquarters in Ottawa to talk about Ghost of Your Charms and the art of writing a good song.

Great Lake Swimmers’ last album New Wild Everywhere is nominated for a 2013 Juno Award. Hear them play tunes from it live from Glenn Gould Studio, on Bandwidth.

Hamilton jazz-folk quintet Ophelia Syndrome blurt what they really think (contrary to their band name) in a 90 Second Egg speed-interview.”

Thank-you so much to the lovely Amanda Putz of CBC Bandwidth for having us on, and what an incredible show to be a part of! We’re feeling very lucky and grateful today. xo

Spring Mini-Tour

We are so excited to be going on a little mini-tour this week to Montreal, Ottawa, and then ending in Toronto. We will be playing with amazing artists that we truly admire and respect such as; Angie Arsenault, Amanda Cottreau, and The DoneFors. We really couldn’t ask for more! We’ll also be on CBC Bandwidth, and we’ll be on Ottawa Daytime if you can’t make it out to the shows. Thank-you so much to all the artists, venues, Mr. Mike, and the wonderful people letting us crash on their floors. xoxo
Spring mini-tour:
12 March 2013. Montreal, Quebec. House Party @ Coop Généreux. Please e-mail us at opheliasyndrome@yahoo.com for details. Facebook event page.
13 March 2013. Montreal, Quebec. Petit Campus. with Angie Arsenault. $10. 57 Prince Arthur Est. Doors open at 9 pm. Show starts at 10 pm. Facebook event page.
14 March 2013. Ottawa, Ontario. CBC Bandwidth. We’ll be in to talk to Amanda Putz. Bandwidth airs Saturday’s in Ottawa from 5-6 pm.
14 March 2013. Ottawa, Ontario. Pressed.  750 Gladstone Ave. With Amanda Cottreau. 8 pm. PWYC. Facebook event.
15 March 2013. Ottawa, Ontario. Daytime Ottawa on Rogers TV. 8:30 am.
15 March 2013. Ottawa, Ontario.  Luneta. 665 Bronson Avenue. With Amanda Cottreau. More details TBA. Facebook event.
16 March 2013. Toronto, Ontario. Tranzac Southern Cross Bar.  With The DoneFors. 292 Brunswick Ave. 10 pm. 19+. PWYC. Facebook event page.


Ophelia Syndrome: “The Fuel That Keeps This Band Going”

Ophelia Syndrome: “The Fuel That Keeps This Band Going”
I really have to make my amends for not featuring Ophelia Syndrome earlier. They’ve completed their first funding on Sellaband back in November 2010. Now the band is running their third project on the platform. I talked to Deanna Wells about it and why they feel at home on Sellaband …

50K MUSIC: You’ve started your current Sellaband project in November last year. Are you happy with how it goes so far?
Deanna: Yes, we really are very happy! It is such a wonderful thing to know that we have people who are willing to pre-order our new album before it is even recorded. We have been so overwhelmed by the support that we have thus far, and we thank every single believer that we have for supporting us.

50K MUSIC: It’s your third crowdfunding project on Sellaband. It seems like you feel at home there. Is there something special that made you come back again?
Deanna: For us the appeal of Sellaband has always been the on-line community of believers and artists. If it not for Sellaband, we would not be where we are today, and that is a fact. Every single contact we have made through Sellaband has been invaluable to us in so many ways. And so, us coming back is our way to honour this community that we are so grateful for. I mean, let’s be honest, there has been some upheaval with Sellaband in the last couple of years, so we are not saying it’s perfect. But nothing in life is, and we just feel really lucky to get to make music for people, and the supportive community of believers and artists who are on Sellaband has given us that chance.

50K MUSIC: You’re raising funds for your upcoming album. Please tell us something about it.
Deanna: Sure. This new album is a collection of 10 songs that I started writing once we got back from tour last summer. I was so inspired by the trip that I immediately found myself sitting at the piano and singing and writing these new songs. I brought them to the band, and that was it. They really wanted to start working on them as a group. We are so excited about these new songs. I think this is the best work we have done up until this point. The songs are lyrically the most honest for me as well, which can be very difficult as well. Also, keeping with the experimental nature of this group, Josh, our bass player recently purchased a Moog little phatty which is making an appearance on many of the tracks, and Andrew our former guitarist is now our drummer after Adrian left for personal reasons. So in a way, this is a new direction for the band, but an exciting one. We are teaming up again with Michael Chambers of Catherine North to engineer and also produce the album. We are really looking forward to getting started on it.

To read the rest of the article, please click here.

What are you doing January 12th?

If the answer is nothing, then why don’t you spend the night with us! That sounds dirty… and I like it!

12 January 2013. Hamilton, Ontario. Artword Artbar. 15 Colbourne St. All ages. 8 pm. $10. With Kori Pop. Facebook event.

Christmas a couple weeks early ;)

We have posted our version of “Driving Home For Christmas” to our 500 EUR prize winners Frederik and Gerda!!
We wish all of our believers a Merry Christmas!! Thank-you for your support, we hope that you enjoy this!
Stay tuned for our next challenge…


Each and every believer can get a chane to win a prize pack, just enter here:


Ophelia Syndrome

Ophelia Syndrome

Another repeat offender! Ophelia Syndrome is back on SellaBand to record, produce and promote their new full length album in one mega-funding! They are dying to get back in the studio and their fans are excited to hear the new material! Their piano driven pop rock is popular hear on SellaBand so make sure to check them out!
Ophelia Syndrome’s single “Long Wait” is available for download, also check out the Ophelia Syndrome Prize Pack below!

Song of the week!

Posted on December 04, 2012 09

The new week has started and the new edtion of TalentCast is already online for you to listen to! And our new Song of the Week winner is Ophelia Syndrome from Canada.

Ophelia Syndrome was started in 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, keyboards) met during their studies at Mohawk College. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane, and Josh Kohler joined, adding drums, bass, and backing vocals to the band’s sound. Later on, Andrew Barbisan (guitar, lap steel, and backing vocals) became a new member of the band.
In 2009, Ophelia Syndrome debuted with a self-released EP “Shades of Grey”, recorded at Catherine North studios. The EP stayed on C101 Top 30 for four weeks. Ophelia Syndrome did a few small tours all over Canada, while also playing regular shows in Hamilton, Oakville and Toronto.
Encouraged by the success of “Shades of Grey”, the band signed up on SellaBand to seek funding for recording their new material. In November 2010, they finished raising 11 900 € and a year later released their first full album “All Things Forgotten”, which was recorded and co-produced by Michael Chambers at Catherine North. The band promoted their album on their first European tour, which was also partly funded on SellaBand. Recently, they started a new fundraising project to finance their second full album, promotion and tour.

Featured Artist of The Week:

Thank-you so much to everyone who voted for us!!

The results are here.

We won the Sellaband Featured Artist of the week.

Live at Catherine North preview:

You have been asking, and now we can show you a little preview of our ‘Live at Catherine North” concert.

There will be more following shortly…

Thank-you to Citizen A for doing such an incredible job!


CBC Bandwidth Update:

Thank-you so much to everyone who honestly voted for us everyday! Your e-mails, texts, and phonecalls supporting us means so much :D Especially thank-you to Meg for being so kind and supportive. We were really happy just to have been a part of a number of seriously talented musicians (including my BF Kori Pop). ♥ Thank-you for taking us into the top 10!




Talentcast – Song of the Week

Posted on September 17, 2012 13:37
Talentcast - Song of the WeekThe winner of the first voting on TalentCast radio programme is Ophelia Syndrome from Canada with their song “How To Say Goodbye”.

Ophelia Syndrome was formed in the winter of 2002, when singer and pianist Deanna Wells and cellist Trina Nadeau met during their studies at Mohawk College. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler joined the band, completing the sound with drums, bass and backing vocals.

In 2009, the band independently released their debut EP “Shades of Grey”. The release was followed by a tour all over Canada, apart from the band’s regular shows n Hamilton, Oakville and Toronto. They also appeared at The Cambridge Arts Festival, and as a headliner at The Art of Sound Festival in 2010.

Encouraged by the success of their debut, Ophelia Syndrome signed up on SellaBand to seek funding for their first full album. In November 2010, they finished raising 11 900 € and a year later released “All Things Forgotten”. The album was recorded and co-produced by Michael Chambers at Catherine North.

Fundraising on SellaBand brought Ophelia Syndrome new fans all over the world, and the band started thinking of a European tour. After raising some funds on SellaBand again, the band got on the plane to Amsterdam. Together with the Dutch band Carved In Gold, they played seven shows in the Netherlands, where they met many of their SellaBand believers and made new fans. They also did one show in Germany.

With two successful funding projects behind them: an album and a tour on which they got to connect with their believers, Ophelia Syndrome is one of the bands who best took advantage of the opportunities offered by SellaBand.

Grayowl Point Review:

“Hamilton’s Ophelia Syndrome aren’t the biggest name in the city’s booming “art is the new steel” movement, but they definitely deserve more recognition than they’ve been getting to this point. The newest release – April’s All Things Forgotten – is an interesting collection of folk-pop, rock, and jazz-inspired tracks that gains momentum with the listener as it progresses. This record really is something where you’re in for it all if you’re in for any.”

To read the rest of the review, please click here.

I on Music Feature:

Friday, July 6: 7:00 PM – This week, I On Music stops by a groovy loft in Downtown Kitchener for Ophelia Syndrome’s CD release party.


Michael Chambers of Catherine North:

Michael recently did a great interview for 100 Mile Microphone!

Here is a excerpt from Michael on working with us:

“By contrast, Ophelia Syndrome came in, and they had done a phenomenal job with their demos, just using a little handheld recorder like yours. (ed. note: it’s a Zoom H4n–super cool!) They record all their rehearsals, pick them apart. It was amazing. I had worked with them on their first EP in 2008 and they hadn’t done that homework. So back then, although every part sounded cool on its own, they hadn’t thought about the big picture.

Ophelia Syndrome

They mentioned this in their interview: how much they learned from you guys about creating space in an arrangement.
Yeah, they learned a lot, and you can tell. They said that was why they came back—because they benefited so much from what Dan and I had to say. But they wanted to come in for the full album with all parts figured out. We actually did that album five songs at a time. Ten songs at once? There are just too many details to keep track of. We did all the mixing and mastering after, but the actual tracking was done in two chunks. The nice thing about ProTools is that the mixing is already half-done by the time you get there. If somebody’s recording a vocal, and I put a nice EQ and reverb on it and then we close the session, when I come back two weeks later, the EQ and reverb are still right there. Not like on the old manual boards, where I might have to mark positions of dials with grease pencil and tape.”

To read the rest of the interview, please click here.

Song of the week:

Talentcast – Song of the Week

Posted on June 12, 2012 09:41

Not for the first time, this week’s TalentCast Song of the Week winner is the Canadian Band Ophelia Syndrome. Out of all the songs in the last TalentCast radio show, their song “Passing Time” gathered the most votes.

Ophelia Syndrome has existed since 2002, when Trina Nadeau (cello) and Deanna Wells (vocals, keyboards) met during their studies at Mohawk College. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler completed the sound with drums, bass and backing vocals. “Passing Time” is the opening track of the band’s album “All Things Forgotten”, which was funded on Sellaband. The band signed up there in November 2009, putting up a few songs from their debut EP “Shades of Grey”. Already at that time Ophelia Syndrome had quite a following in Canada, where they had played a number of small tours as well as regular shows in Hamilton, Oakville and Toronto. Fundraising on Sellaband brought them more international fans. Just a little over a year after signing up, they met their target of € 11.900, with 335 believers on board.
“All Things Forgotten”, recorded and co-produced by Michael Chambers at Catherine North Studios, contains new songs written over the two years after the release of “Shades of Grey”. Aparts from the band’s usual line-up, you can hear two more musicians on the album: Andrew Barbisan on guitar, lap steel, and backing vocals and Loretta Hale on trumpet (on the track “Long Wait”). The band’s sound has been reinvented and expanded to suit the new songs.
Not long after the release of their album, Ophelia Syndrome completed another project on Sellaband, this time for promotion and touring. The € 5.000 they gathered helped them organise a European tour. This August they are coming to play a series of shows in the Netherlands and will also play a show in Germany.
You can find the details of the tour as well as purchase Ophelia Syndrome’s releases on their website .

Lipstik Indie Reviews:

From Lipstik Indie Reviews May 2012 Issue: The Powerhouse women musicans feature

Finally, someone in the Canuck indie scene has forged through the smithy of their souls poppy.  Ophelia’s Syndrome is an infectious combination of Kate Bush with Coldplay and are out of the common bread of the everyday ho-hum scene that we all have to endure to some degree or other. These days the celebration of the mediocre has reached some kind of apotheosis, whether endless revels of TV shows digging out the innards of pawn shop owner travail to Desperate House Wives of Bel Air to light bulbs for midgets.

This has to be the most banal cultural time in the Western Society. We have reached a kind of backwater awards show for the great unwashed, the philistines of the boondocks the bedrock of trash and detritus that should have been buried in some landfill but is instead dredged up and elevated to the light of day and then put a giant spotlight on it just in case you missed the point.

Fortunately we have groups like this Hamilton, Ontario wunderkind’s who, realizing this, explore this affect of Late Civilization, make fun of it and then dispose of it and move on especially in songs like, Passing Time, Heroes and Villains and As Long as There’s a Fight and Don’t Care. There is a kind of Cabaret element embedded in these tracks that adds irony to the lyrical refrains.

The band consists of Adrian McFarlane: drums, percussion Trina Nadeau: cello, percussion Deanna Wells: vocals, piano, B3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, bells, percussion Josh Kohler: bass, vocals, percussion Andrew Barbisan: guitar, lap steel, vocals, percussion, siren Leon Furs – vocals, percussion, synthesizer, programming Loretta Hale: trumpet — all excellent musicians if somewhat lacking in imagination regarding arrangements but this is a small criticism  for this entertaining group’s  newest CD, released in April of this year. There are eleven tracks of which Passing Time and  Long Wait and How to Say Goodbye are the best pop tunes. Recorded at Catherine North Studios in Hamilton and produced by moon and 6 and Ophelia’s Syndrome. This CD has the listener friendly vibes of a winner for this group. Thumbs up!!

Tracks Passing Time Heroes and Villains Today Fight interlude As Long as There’s a Fight Don’t Care Glue Fire and Sea Long Wait Feet on Ground How to Say Goodbye

Hamilton Life Feature:

We would like Linda Rourke, the host of Hamilton Life, and also the lovely reporter Jackie Vandinther for putting together this wonderful little piece.

To view our Feature on Hamilton Life, please click here.

We appear at 10:26 minutes into the video.

Hamilton Music Notes:

Hamilton Music Notes By Ric Taylor

“…Compelled to get the music out there, Wells and company went to the fans to fund recordings and now find they have to schedule some dates this summer in Europe to accommodate fan demand. Not bad for a band still relatively based in the Greater Hamilton Area.“I cannot express how absolutely wonderful this is,” beams Wells on the bands new international fans. “We owe these people so much. Everything we do now, we do with them in mind. We push ourselves to be the absolute best that we can be for them.“I think anyone who is playing gigs and recording albums has a goal of reaching people who enjoy listening to the music,” adds Wells. “So very basically put, we just want our music to reach ears. Everything that we do has that basic goal in mind. If we put out the best product that we can muster, or play the best show that we can play, it’s all for the people who enjoy listening to us. It’s our thank-you to them for allowing us to do this…”

To read the full article please click here.