Talentcast – Song of the Week

Posted on September 17, 2012 13:37
Talentcast - Song of the WeekThe winner of the first voting on TalentCast radio programme is Ophelia Syndrome from Canada with their song “How To Say Goodbye”.

Ophelia Syndrome was formed in the winter of 2002, when singer and pianist Deanna Wells and cellist Trina Nadeau met during their studies at Mohawk College. In 2007 Adrian McFarlane and Josh Kohler joined the band, completing the sound with drums, bass and backing vocals.

In 2009, the band independently released their debut EP “Shades of Grey”. The release was followed by a tour all over Canada, apart from the band’s regular shows n Hamilton, Oakville and Toronto. They also appeared at The Cambridge Arts Festival, and as a headliner at The Art of Sound Festival in 2010.

Encouraged by the success of their debut, Ophelia Syndrome signed up on SellaBand to seek funding for their first full album. In November 2010, they finished raising 11 900 € and a year later released “All Things Forgotten”. The album was recorded and co-produced by Michael Chambers at Catherine North.

Fundraising on SellaBand brought Ophelia Syndrome new fans all over the world, and the band started thinking of a European tour. After raising some funds on SellaBand again, the band got on the plane to Amsterdam. Together with the Dutch band Carved In Gold, they played seven shows in the Netherlands, where they met many of their SellaBand believers and made new fans. They also did one show in Germany.

With two successful funding projects behind them: an album and a tour on which they got to connect with their believers, Ophelia Syndrome is one of the bands who best took advantage of the opportunities offered by SellaBand.

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